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Fr., 08. Apr.



Beambreath®-Session "Alive" (in english!)

Join me on this special Breathwork journey! With a technique - that I will explain to you at the beginning of the session - you will go on a wonderful journey deep inside your inner self. Carried by the music and my guidance, I invite you to be open for whatever might appear...

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Beambreath®-Session "Alive" (in english!)
Beambreath®-Session "Alive" (in english!)

Zeit & Ort

08. Apr. 2022, 21:00 – 22:00 MESZ


Über die Veranstaltung

Being Alive.

It’s not self-evident to live. That’s something we must experience especially in these current times.

We can be absolutely grateful to live.

But it’s a big difference, „just“ to live or to be alive. To feel alive.

When you try to keep your hamster wheel going, day in and day out, hurry from meeting to meeting, come home late in the evening, tired, seeking some relaxation in front of a screen just to start all over again in the next morning, the feeling of being alive could slowly fade away…

Maybe you are feeling alive in some special moments, with your friends, partner, on vacation, while dancing and partying or being on retreats.

In this Beambreath®-Session I invite you, to take this feeling back and bring it into your everyday life.

Because that is possible!

Join me on this journey back to the feeling, of really being alive!

You will receive all the important informations about the session, the procedure and how to prepare in an e-mail, after you got your ticket at my website.

And the best thing: It’s for free!

At the beginning of this one hour long session I will also explain everything you need to know and of course, how you have to breathe ;-)

Do you have any questions on your mind? Feel free to contact me via mail or direct message on Instagram.

Keep on breathing :-)


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    Breathwork-Session "Alive" in english - for free -

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