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Beambreath®-Session "Gratitude" (in english!)

Join me on this special Breathwork journey! With a technique - that I will explain to you at the beginning of the session - you will go on a wonderful journey deep inside your inner self. Carried by the music and my guidance, I invite you to be open for whatever might appear...

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Beambreath®-Session "Gratitude" (in english!)
Beambreath®-Session "Gratitude" (in english!)

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Über die Veranstaltung

Gratitude 🙏

One of the nine pillars of the teachings of Jon Kabat-Zinn about mindfulness.

And it’s not about just saying „Thanks“ when you received something (which is also important, of course).

Real gratitude is even more. It doesn’t need a gift to begin with. You can feel it for what’s already there in your life.

The sun, your body, friends, family, pets, food on your table, a place to live, to work, the smile of a stranger, … ☀️👯‍♂️👨‍👩‍👦‍👦🐶🥗🏡

Gratitude makes you continuously happy - proven by science (google the studies of McCullough und Emmons if you want to know more about it).

You will get happier, be more hopeful, positiv, optimistic, sensitive, healthier, active, you will sleep better, be less afraid and feel less doubt or anger in you. 🍀

Besides that, it will shift your focus even more into the here and now. Because you can only be thankful for something that you have - what a great side-effect 😉

In my mindfulness-teachings I also talk about gratitude and show my students, how to integrate it easily into everyday life. After that, the seed is planted and the flower of gratitude can grow and bloom. 🌱🌻

And the best thing is: the law of attraction works and you will receive what you give! 🎁

In this Breathwork-session we plant this seed of gratitude deep into your unconscious mind. 👩‍🌾

Be a part of this journey to an even happier and more fulfilled life. 🪴

And to show my gratitude for you breathing with me, I will double my income of this session and donate to a good cause. 💳

Please be aware of the beginning time of the session (8 pm GMT-London-time, 21.00 Uhr CET) and be there maybe five minutes earlier! 🇬🇧


  • Gratitude (engl.)

    Breathwork-Session "Gratitude" in english

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